Policy positions


I’m standing because families need to come first, not last. The family unit is the underlying building block of society, nurturing and developing the next generation. International human rights declarations and the Constitutions of hundreds of nations across the globe recognise the family’s need for protection by society and the State. We need policies that […]

Generational Vision

Every decision we make today shapes the future for our children. Australia has a proud history of leaving a better nation for the generations that follow. Our Anzacs fought hard for our freedoms and paid the ultimate price to secure it for our future. We need to be prepared to do the same for the […]

Economic Responsibility

Our politicians have not been good stewards of our nation’s finances over the last decade. Our national deficit will reach $84 billion and government spending $500 billion in the next four years. Meanwhile, less than half of the adult population (excluding public servants) are net taxpayers funding continued government spending. This is an unsustainable position. […]

Cultural Healing

Australia is a nation with a damaged soul. The brutal treatment of our Indigenous people is our history’s darkest moment and still affects communities today. Unfortunately Aboriginal Australians do not share equally in the benefits of Australian life. Be it health, housing, employment, education, wealth, mortality rate or life expectancy, Aboriginal Australians falling behind the […]